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Look Out For Your Organisation's Workplace Mental Health With These Top Tips

As providers and support coordinators you are always looking out for your clients, however it is important to look out for your staff as well. We spoke to psychologist Mechelen DSouza about the best way to create a supportive workplace environment.

Here are her top tips:

1. Create a supportive culture that encourages openness, empathy and active listening.

2. Encourage employees to share without fear of stigma. Organise an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for your company that allows employees to access counselling services at no charge to them. Ensure employees are aware of this program and encourage them to utilise it and allow them to access it confidentially.

3. Train managers and leaders to understand how to recognize signs of their employees and mental health issues, fostering psychological wellbeing in their team, and knowing how to support them to have conversations in order
to support their employees.

4. Encourage a work life balance and support that with actionable perks such as flexible work arrangements. Foster social connection through team
building events and social mixers.

5. Encourage employee feedback regularly through anonymous channels.


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Mechelen DSouza offers corporate training for organisatioons and leaders

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