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CS Stories.... Why I became a care & support worker

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, fifty percent of new workers joining the Careseekers platform have moved to care and support work from industries that have been hardest hit by lockdowns, restrictions and loss of hours. So which industries are they coming from? Why did they decide on care and support work? And what does a career change to care and support look like for the worker?

We have been chatting to workers and would love to share their stories with you.

The global pandemic has had a severe effect on the hair and beauty industry with businesses suffering greatly during COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions with many workers missing months of work.

Sue M's CS Story

"Changing careers after being a hairdresser for 30 years was quite daunting. As a single parent, I didn't even know where to begin.

I met a friend who was a care worker and they knew I would be perfect for the job. I'd worked as a hairdresser my whole working life so I was around different types of people and I could relate to all types.

Once I started, I found the money was better and it was so flexible to work around my family. Some of the shifts can be as short as 2 hours which is great on the school holidays or when my kids are sick.


You can also pick and choose the days and jobs you want. I couldn't do this in hairdressing. I can also work around my hairdressing. This year I am letting go of hair and concentrating on care and support work as I find it so rewarding to help a client and make a difference in their life."

Care and support work is an industry that is pandemic-proof. During all COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions, care and support workers have been able to continue working, providing essential services to their clients.

Have you been thinking of a career change? Flexible care and support work may be the work that is perfect for you. Learn more here.

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