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The story behind our new look Careseekers website

Careseekers collaborated with artist Beck Feiner to redefine the images of individuals in the disability and aged community.

Too often the representation is a cliché image that is not a true reflection of the diversity of the community. Much like the redefinition of gender and multiculturalism, Careseekers welcomes a more representative portrayal of disability and ageing.

Beck Feiner is an illustrator, designer, and author. She is best known for her representations through her art of famous Australians capturing and distilling their persona through a visual medium. Many of us would have seen her images of the NSW State Government representative such as Dr Kerry Chant,
as well as her colourful messages of love and solidarity during the challenges of COVID.

Sisters and founders of Careseekers, Lauren Hockley and Marissa Sandler commissioned Beck as she was the perfect choice of artist to see beyond the stereotype and project the sensitivity, warmth, and authenticity of the real individuals of their community.

“Over the years, when we have been looking to include images of people with disability in our website and marketing material, we found the options to be limited and certainly not reflective of the diversity of individuals using our platform. Everyone appreciates seeing images that they can relate to, especially when those images are meant to be representing them.
We reached out to Beck to help us create these images as we feel she has a real talent for depicting the diversity and humanity in people. It’s a wonderful, colourful diverse world and we wanted to celebrate and acknowledge that in the images we use.”

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