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Submitting Invoices On Careseekers As Soon As A Service Is Finished

Delays in payments to care and support workers is always something we want to avoid at Careseekers. We want the workers who provide services to clients to be happy in their work and delaying payment can result in unhappy workers or workers who may choose not to continue supporting clients. We also want the clients who use the Careseekers platform to be able to manage their funds to ensure they are receiving the services they need and their funding goes as far as possible.

One of the ways workers on the Careseekers platform can be sure to receive their payments on time is to submit their invoices as soon as they have finished their service. Our team has been noticing lately that some workers won't submit their invoices for weeks and then put in a big group of invoices all at once. Submitting invoices in this way can cause problems for clients when they are reviewing their funding and can be difficult for clients who are paying privately. It will also mean that the worker will go weeks without getting paid.

If workers are consistent in submitting invoices - ideally right after their shift is finished, daily, or weekly that would help participants manage their funds, workers get paid faster, and avoid the worker forgetting what hours they have worked and any additional details such as mileage etc.

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