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What Is End Of Life Care & How Careseekers Can Help When You Arrive At This Point

End of life care aims to help those who have a life-limiting or life-threatening illness. The focus of this care is managing symptoms and providing assistance and comfort. End of life and palliative care provides practical help with daily tasks along with help with pain management, mental health, spiritual and social needs.
The goal is to improve quality of life for the patients, their family and their friends. End of life care is based on the patients' needs and not their diagnosis.

It is important that plans are in place for those requiring end of life care. These plans and decisions involve practical concerns such as organising paperwork, preparing legal documents and advance care planning along with decisions for treatment preferences and what medical interventions are acceptable.

For clients entering end of life care, Careseekers can provide a myriad of support and care services tailor made to meet the clients needs and wishes. Our platform has workers that are highly skilled in this area and can offer a range of support services that include practical assistance services such as domestic duties through to more specialised supports.

Careseekers Case Study

Our client was a double amputee who was diagnosed with metastatic cancer and was living in the hospital. Her goal was to return home and to remain there as long as possible so she could spend time with her dog Cherry. Careseekers organised 24 hour support through her support coordinator and she was able to return home. It was during these few days at home that she realised the hospital was the best place for her and that she would like to return and it was on her own terms and her own choosing to do so. She then passed away a day later. The coordinator thanked the Careseekers team for helping Dianne come to terms with her illness and giving her the chance to say goodbye to her home.

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