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Tips For Writing Great Shift Notes

Shift notes reflect a client’s movement towards their goals, as identified in their individual support plans, and also represent a record of events on each shift or visit and therefore serve as a communication tool for other staff involved in their care. It is so important to write helpful and meaningful shift notes - here are some tips to help you with it:

Always use the date and time of the service

• State the location of the service
• Give factual information and account what happened at the service
• Give full names of any people present
• Do not use personal recommendations or opinions
• If you make note that your client’s mental, physical or enviornmental state is either better or worse than last time please explain in detail

e.g. Client’s mental state was worse than last time the shift note can say
Jim seemed a bit down this week. He mentioned his best friend was out of town and this could be the reason.

e.g. Client’s physical state was better than the last time.
Donna has recovered from a cold and had lots of energy today.

e.g. Client’s environmental state was worse than last time
Hannah had not done any housework and the sink was overflowing with dishes.

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