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It's Okay To Say No & Why Sometimes It Is The Best Answer

Our amazing community of care and support workers are dedicated, hard working and reliable - they are what sets Careseekers apart. Many of the care and support workers on our platform are so dedicated that they have trouble saying no to work when it is offered to them. Sometimes this can leave the worker over booked, stressed and unhappy and, at other times, cause them to cancel the booking at the last minute.

We wanted to discuss the fact that if you are hesitating to accept a booking because you are overbooked, do not have the time or for any other reason, it is much better to say no upfront rather than cancel the booking later.

Saying no is healthy for us all. It does not mean you are being selfish, rude or are ungrateful for the work. It means you value your own time and respect yourself enough to know your limits and set boundaries.

When you say yes to a booking, our clients rely on the booking. They may have taken time to select you as their care or support worker and have taken comfort in reading your profile and reviews and have prepared for the booking. When a booking is cancelled at the last minute, our clients can lose confidence in the booking process and in you as a worker. This is why it is so important to say no if you are unable to take the booking.
Of course we do understand that sometimes last minute things arise and you have no choice but to cancel a booking.

One of our core values at Careseekers is empowerment and we want our community of care and support workers to feel empowered at all times.
If you feel like you are overcommitted and are taking on too much, please remember that at Careseekers, it is okay to say no.

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