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Our Advice On Encouraging An Elderly Loved One To Accept Care

It’s sometimes a challenge to manage change in aged care when your elderly loved one is resistant to it. Many elderly people avoid care for a number of reasons. It may be that they refuse to acknowledge their loss of independence. Or that they can’t bear the thought of losing their privacy or adjusting to a new routine. An older person considering care can feel very vulnerable and perhaps even guilty at the thought of becoming a burden to others.

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There are ways to tactfully encourage a loved one to accept support, whether you're talking in-home care or a move into an aged-care facility. Read on for some strategies for managing change in aged care and convincing someone you love to accept help.

  • Keep them involved in the decisions as much as possible so they feel a sense of some control
    Ask for their preferences regarding who looks after them or where they receive care from (ie in-home or at a facility). You may not be able to adhere to all they ask but you should always consider what they say.
  • Enlist a doctor to start the discussion with your loved one about their care needs. An authoritative figure may make them more willing to listen.
  • Choose the right time to broach the subject. It’s best to approach the matter when everyone is relaxed.
  • Ask other loved ones to help gently convince them.
  • Suggest a ‘trial’ – they can test the waters and experience the benefit of care, without feeling trapped or forced into it.
  • Gently explain your own needs and how accepting help with care will make your life easier.
  • Ease their mind about costs. Assure them that affordable and flexible in-home care is readily available using providers like Careseekers Careseekers connects you with independent support workers who are free to negotiate a rate and schedule that suits your loved one. Furthermore, if they’re eligible for a Home Care Package, they can use their funds to pay for all Careseeker services, as we are an authorised Home Care Package provider.

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