Overnight Rates & How They Work

Overnight care and support is a valuable service that supports individuals in their homes and can provide vital respite for family members and carers.

If you choose to take an overnight shift, we want to explain the different types of overnight work and the rates involved.

Active Overnight
If you take a shift described as Active Overnight, you will not be sleeping during the shift. Active means the client will not sleep and requires a high level of care or requires support activities to be completed during this time. The rates for Active Overnight range from $40-$45 per hour (maximum rate for Plan Managed with Careseekers is $59.21, maximum rate for NDIA Managed with Careseekers is $53.83 - these are excluding the Careseekers fee).

24 Hour Care / Live-in
24 Hour Care Overnight/Live-in will mean the clients require support during the day but will generally sleep at night. Some clients may need support during the night but generally the care and support worker will sleep too. 24 Hour Care/Live-in rates are approximately $400 per shift on weekdays (Mon-Fri) and $450 on weekends (Sat-Sun).

Inactive Overnight
For Inactive Overnight care and support care and support workers are able to sleep (in own room) but may need to get up once or twice during the night to attend to the client and then go back to sleep. Generally Inactive Overnight are normally 8 hour shifts and charged from 10pm-6am (the NDIS allows for evening rates to be charged from 8pm-10pm and daytime rates commence at 6am). These shifts are charged hourly. The Inactive Overnight shift of 8 hours includes 2 active hours. Care and support workers will need to confirm with their clients or the provider about how they allocate these active hours. The rates for Inactive Overnight is $224.58 for Plan Managed Clients and $204.16 for Agency Managed Clients (please note these rates do not include the Careseekers fee).

Low Care / Inactive Care
This is where the care and support worker can sleep in a nearby room for a flat rate of pay (rates are the same as above).

For Example:
Sally provides support to Beth. Sally arrives at Beth's home at 7pm helps with Beth's evening routine and gets her to bed at 11pm. Sally then sits on her phone until midnight. She then is awoken by Beth at 3am to help her go to the bathroom and have some water - this takes them approx 20mins. Beth then returns to bed and Sally gets her up at 6am does a hand-over with the next worker and leaves at 7am.

Date 1 - 7pm-10pm - Evening rate
Date 1 - 10pm-11pm - Sleepover rate
Date 2 - 6am-7am - Weekday daytime rate
*note that the hour from 10pm-11pm and the 3am wake up are included in the sleepover rate as this rate includes 2 active hours.

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