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Combating Loneliness With Technology: New App Connects Elderly People To Loved Ones

One of the commonly cited difficulties of ageing is the sense of isolation that a less mobile, less independent lifestyle can bring. Dependent on care workers for day to day practicalities (like showering) and unable to just head off and visit loved ones at will, elderly people under care often complain of loneliness and their detachment from ‘normal’ life. But technology for people living with disability and aged people is advancing and a fantastic new app is revolutionising the way they interact and sustain connection with their friends and families - great news for both care service providers and the families of people needing care!

Care Konnect is a simply navigated social media platform that enables the whole community around a care recipient to keep abreast of their activities and progress. Aged care and disability service providers are activated on the app and they then set up private networks for their care recipients.
All invited participants (eg their children, friends, spouse etc) can be updated easily here, in real-time, by either a care worker or the senior themselves.

As noted by the app’s founder, Sean Grealy, this reduces the stress on primary carers and provides many social and personal benefits;

  • Connectivity and ease of communication with loved ones can make all the difference to the contentment of an older person in care.
  • It’s a quick tool for caregivers to relay information with.
  • And of course, it really benefits concerned loved ones, some of whom may be located far away.

Crucially, Care Konnect also allows users to easily lodge complaints or feedback about aged care homes. The Royal Commission into the aged care sector has highlighted many instances of elder abuse and institutional problems within the industry - it is of great importance to all who care about the treatment of our older population to address these issues. Care Konnect streamlines the process of making a complaint, allowing users to make sure their complaints are heard and aged care and disability service providers to better manage and respond to them.

It can be difficult staying as connected as you’d like to with a beloved family member in care. Find disability support and aged support that’s right for you on Careseekers and start incorporating technology for aged care with your care-worker’s help.
You can learn more about the app on the Care Konnect website.

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