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Staff Shortages In Aged Care Homes May Mean Home Care Is A Better Option

The Royal Commission into aged-care quality and safety has uncovered a severe staff shortage in aged-care homes that is putting residents at risk. Should we all be changing our approach to care options for the elderly people we love?

At some point, many of us face the task of sourcing care for an ageing relative. It can be complex and costly and you may find yourself making difficult decisions about your loved one’s care needs. Many turn to aged-care facilities as they seem to offer the resources required. However, as the new report highlights, it’s important to be aware of the true level of care in the home you’re considering. The commission heard that lack of staff and poor equipment often translates to little time for each resident and lax safety. For anyone concerned with the well-being of a beloved family member, this is unacceptable.

In-home care can be a viable alternative to an aged-care facility. Just a few hours of support a day could be sufficient for your loved one, providing safer assistance than a rushed staffer with faulty equipment in a care home. A private care worker is no longer a ‘luxury’ accessible to few. Affordable care providers like Careseekers connect those seeking care with private contractors, allow you to negotiate rates and times that work for you and cut out costly middle man fees as well. It’s much more affordable than you think! And further increasing access to our services is the introduction of Home Care Packages, for whom we have partnered with many accredited providers. With Careseekers, even live-in care can be very achievable!

Find out what you’re eligible for and how to go about accessing the support you’re entitled to by contacting the My Aged Care Centre and discover the world of one to one care within your reach when you use Careseekers.

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