‘Practical Changes’ Being Introduced To Make The NDIS More Flexible

The government has just announced some practical changes to the National Disability Insurance Scheme that are set to make the program more flexible for participants.

One major change is that fund recipients in stable situations (ie whose needs aren’t likely to change) will be able to get cover for up to three years without a review. These longer plans mean continued access to supports without the bother of frequent plan reviews and therefore, an ability to plan for longer-term goals. As participants are well aware, plans are currently reviewed annually, which apart from impeding long-term goal setting, really delays processing times.

Another change is the introduction of a range of accessible formats through which participants can access their NDIS plan – these include large font, audio, e-Text and braille. NDIS Minister Stuart Robert explained that "Being able to read and understand an NDIS plan is key to getting the most out of it, so we have made important changes to the ways participants can receive their plan, in an accessible format that suits their needs."

Though the NDIS has been positively received in general, there have been repeated calls for greater flexibility within it. The Minister’s announcement is indeed very welcome news.

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