How do I find back up support workers?

One of the most important things about finding a care or support worker is making sure they are reliable. Sometimes however, life can be unpredictable and things don’t always go to plan. So, to ensure you’re not left stranded in the case of a care or support worker falling through, here are a few tips to ensure that you have some back up options and aren’t left in the lurch.

How do I make sure my support worker is reliable?

Specify when you post your job via the Careseekers platform that you require a care or support worker who is reliable. Whether that means someone who is punctual, someone who can get you to and from appointments on time, or someone who you can rely on to show up every week, don’t be afraid to specify your exact needs. Remember, the more information you provide about the job, the better chance you have of finding the right care or support worker for you.

Interview back up care and support workers

We recommend that once you post a job, you interview a few support workers. Search for care and support workers who suit your needs, or invite them to view your job post. Interview the ones who match your requirements, and keep a hold of their phone numbers in the circumstance of another support worker not showing up. Whether it’s for a case of emergency or simply for peace of mind, it’s always handy to have a back-up plan and another care or support worker on standby.

Post an urgent job as a one off

We have hundreds of care and support workers signed up to the Careseekers platform. In the case that your existing support worker becomes unavailable, you can post an urgent, one off job. Remember to always specify your needs. If you have any trouble posting a job or finding another care worker, give our friendly customer service team a call and we’ll be happy to help you out!

Don’t cancel your care or support worker at the last minute

Reliability goes both ways. We know that unforeseeable circumstances may arise from time to time, but make sure you give your care or support worker as much notice as possible if the job, or your requirements change. When you can, let them know in advance if you have appointments, if you need to reschedule and whether there will be a cancellation fee.

Use the same care workers and build up a rapport with them

Building up a good relationship with your care or support worker is something we highly recommend. By using the same care workers, you are able to build on important qualities such as trust, reliability and dependability. We find that having consistency with care workers also reduces the risk of them not showing up, which is a win-win for everyone.

Just remember that Careseekers is more than just a platform. Our customer service team is here to help and ensure that things run smoothly for you. Whatever the situation may be; whether it’s supporting participants in the case of an urgent request, or requiring assistance with posting a job, please get in touch with our team and we’ll make sure we find the perfect care or support worker to suit your needs.

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