Four reasons care and support is more affordable on Careseekers

Recently, a family was using care for the first time for their mother who had
dementia. They went straight to an agency who was charging them $60 per hour, as
well as a different care worker each time. Eventually they started looking at other
options which is when they found Careseekers.

They came onto the platform and found a care worker who could work with them
consistently. Better yet, they were charged $35 per hour, which cut down their cost
by almost half of what they were originally paying. Now, they get four hours of care a day for their mother instead of two.

Do you want to know why?

The care and support worker rates are lower on the Careseeker’s platform. That’s
one of the many great things we offer people who are searching for care and support
via our platform – that you get more bang for your buck! There’s a number of
reasons why rates are lower – from our platform allowing more transparency, to
saving costs by cutting out the middle man. The only thing that you can guarantee is not lower is the quality of the service the care and support workers offer. So, let’s explore why your money goes further with Careseekers…

Technology has allowed you to do more on your own

In many ways, technology has helped in improving our everyday lives, and one of
the biggest improvements is allowing people to be more self-sufficient. With
Careseekers, you are able to post a job, invite care and support workers to view
your job, engage with workers, interview them, and pay them using our secure
payment system all by yourself. This of course saves you the cost of having
someone else do it for you, and more importantly gives you choice and control.

Care and support workers charge their own rates

Care and support workers on the Careseekers platform charge their own rates. On every care or support worker’s profile, you’re able to clearly see what they charge per hour, and in some instances, you may be able to negotiate the amount to fit within your budget. Using the Careseekers platform, you’re also be able to see what experience the care or support worker has, and what sort of jobs they can offer you – so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

There is no middle man

One of the biggest ways in which you’re able to save money with Careseekers is by
cutting out the middle man. You cut the cost of admin fees, case
management fees, and inflated service charges. When you use Careseekers you get a dedicated customer support team who are committed to helping you find the perfect care or support worker for your needs.

Careseekers allows more transparency

Our platform is all about transparency. That means knowing where every dollar is
going, especially when you are using your funding. Yes, that’s right – you can use
your NDIS and Aged Care funding. We also have partnerships in place with aged
care and disability providers, whom we work seamlessly with to manage and pay for
your care, while still giving you choice of how your care is delivered. Also, if you use Careseekers, you can be assured that there are also no hidden costs and no exit

Remember, Careseekers is more than just a platform. We connect individuals
directly to disability and aged care workers.

Find disability support workers or find aged care workers.

We are also an NDIS registered provider and can service all NDIS participants. We value choice, control and affordability.

Schedule in a call if you’d like to chat or find a care or support worker who suits your needs today.