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Introducing Impact Certify - Certifying Experience, Elevating Impact

Get recognised for your years of hard work.

Our friends at Travengers are pleased to introduce a fantastic opportunity for our dedicated workers with over 2 years of experience in disability, mental health, youth work or aged care, aimed at advancing your career and expertise.

Have you been considering getting a qualification but haven't had the time or money to start?

Instead of going back to school, you can get a qualification based on your experience, within just 3-5 weeks, for a fraction of the cost.

Impact Certify specialises in recognising the dedication and hard work of community and aged care workers, offering a fast-track certification program to boost your recognition, advance your career — by certifying your experience.

Getting certification can help you stand out, build trust, and extend your options on the Careseekers platform.

It can also help you by increasing your rates and your earning potential.

Express Your Interest

By expressing your interest you'll be first in line to receive information about this upcoming program.

The team at Careseekers are proud to work alongside Impact Certify to support our valued workers on their career journeys.

Agnes Abelson, Founder and CEO of Travengers says, "I'm a Disability Nurse and have been working across disability, mental health, youth work and aged care for 13 years. My studies have been valuable for my work, however, my most important learnings have been in the field, working with people and through curiosity and self reflection.

I know there are so many amazing workers who have dedicated years to caring for others.

But getting a qualification can be expensive, lengthy and inaccessible.

A lot of great workers are also better at community work than they are at school, which can create an unfair barrier for some.
Others are constantly putting the people they work for first, and themselves second, and have therefore never taken the time to study.
Impact Certify is making qualifications accessible to the workers who have learnt lots on their way, who are dedicated, compassionate and passionate, who deserve the recognition.

We also know there’s a massive skills shortage, and by providing this service I believe we can help encourage great workers to stay in the industry - and in that way also lift the industry.

Additionally, we are exploring the expansion of industry training to empower workers to up-skill or transition into different areas of community work, enabling them to pursue new career paths and gain broader industry expertise."

To register your interest, click the following link: Impact Certify Waitlist

The team at Impact Certify look forward to welcoming you and supporting your journey to professional growth!

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