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Care Squared School Holiday Program

Care Squared is running school holiday programs led by a team of highly experienced allied health practitioners and is a fun creative way for kids to express themselves through a variety of projects and activities.

These specialised programs are designed to allow participants to explore, connect with new friends, and work towards individual goal attainment whilst having fun in their school holidays!

We chatted with Care Squared recently to learn more about the programs.

Tell us a little bit about Care Squared and your School Holiday programs?

Care Squared Connect provide a range of group programs, events and creative therapies to NDIS participants. We run a capacity building School Holiday Program for school-aged participants with a jam packed activity plan created in collaboration with our Care Squared Kids paediatric team! The holiday program is a fantastic way to work towards your goals whilst having fun in the holidays.

The activities are a range of outcomes focused tasks that our OT’s and other allied health professionals utilise in their sessions so you are able to access a range of creative tools at the fraction of the price. Not only that, participants are able to engage with other children to build and develop valuable social skills. The holiday program is a fantastic way to work towards your goals whilst having fun in the holidays.


Where are they available?

We are running across Australia in Ipswich, Logan, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Laverton, Cranbourne, Perth, Seven Hills, Campbelltown and Lismore! We are always looking to add new locations so if you are seeking a program near you please let us know and we can see what we can do for the Summer holidays.

What type of activities are included?

Our activity plan includes a range of sensory, fine and gross motor skills, perceptual, art, sports, movement and musical activities!


What do the kids come away with after the holiday program?

Our program is an outcomes-based program so each participant will be set up and supported to work towards their NDIS goals. We work with you to identify their goals and focuses before the program starts so that we can ensure they are getting the most out of the program. Some participants have the goal to make new friends, improve their emotional regulation, improve their independence and so many other things. Once the program is completed, our team will organise a summary letter so you can see how they progressed over the duration of the program.

How do I know if my child is ready for a program?

Your child is a perfect candidate for the school holiday program if you are looking for a way they can continue to work towards their NDIS goals over the holidays in a fun and functional setting. We welcome all participants into the program regardless of their diagnosis or level of capacity.

My child has never done a program before - is Care Squared right for them?

If your child has never done a group program before there is no better place to start! Our programs are facilitated by allied health clinicians to encourage, support and guide your children through the range of activities we have on offer. If this is their first program, we will work alongside you to ensure both parent and child are as comfortable and ready as possible. For some parents, this looks like welcoming you to attend for the first few hours/days and then allowing them to develop and shine on their own.

Can they bring their own support worker?

Absolutely! We recommend children to bring a support worker if they require assistance with toileting, feeding or if you believe your child requires extra support with participating in the activities.

Tell us about some of the magical moments that happen at the program and the feedback from parents after?

We have had so many amazing stories of people making friends and sharing numbers to organise meet-ups during the school term. It’s absolutely amazing to see as one of the most common goals we see is the goal to make friends and connect with others in the community. Parents are always blown away to see the progress their children make at the program and really enjoy getting the summary letters back to see what activities their kids enjoyed most and where they flourished!

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