Careseekers Chats To Habitability

This week we had the pleasure of chatting to Steve Smith, the Director of Habitability.

Why did you set up Habitability? (tell us a little about the business)

Habitability offered me an opportunity to make the vision that brought me into the industry a reality. Assisting participants to realise their goals and aspirations through the vehicle of STA, is a calling that I am extremely thankful for.

I’ve been given the opportunity to develop and foster a team that delivers NDIS STA/Respite services within an empowered and equitable, (service delivery) framework - and my hope is realised, day to day. The joy our team collectively feels when a participant contacts us to tell us of the positive effects, their STA has had on their physical and mental health - is priceless. and so heart-warming and fulfilling for the soul.

What has been your most memorable respite experience so far?

I honestly cannot pick one single memorable experience out of so many positive client feedbacks.

Our number 1 aim has and always will be, to facilitate memorable STA experiences – therefore our ‘STA’s- empower and make long held goals possible. Our STA’s are designed to not only be enjoyable, but act as a vehicle for the individual growth of our clients. We strive to take every person who takes a Habitability STA to a place of realised aspiration, where they have opportunity to achieve their goals, both present and hopefully in the future.

Tell us about a client/highlight that you have seen achieve their goals through using Habitability and the NDIS?

We have a client whose NDIS representatives approached us, requesting STA/Respite every 6 weeks for 2 days (up to a maximum of 28 days) - to give them respite from issues within the home.

The team have witnessed significant growth in the confidence of this individual as well as associated gains within the areas of increased mental health and purpose. Opening STA/Respite options not only provided a re-ignition of hope, movement towards goals but also a tangible insight into the possibilities that are open to NDIS clients through the medium of STA/Respite.

Why choose Careseekers?

In the very early days of Habitability, as a new NDIS Service provider we engaged in a lot of marketing via Linkedin - and sent out a lot of requests to people who worked with the NDIS!
One of the ‘links’ who accepted our request was a Business Development Manager for Careseekers.
We were ‘blown away’ by the introductory ‘here to help’ attitude of Careseekers and as a new service we had lots of questions.

As our service grew and we required a trusted and respected support service with a national footprint, Careseekers came to mind, but to be honest, nearly a year had passed since our initial connection, and I couldn’t remember the name!

I had to go through over 500 contacts – individually on Linkedin to see if I could recognise a face or logo – that would jog my memory! Thankfully this worked and Habitability reconnected, through the extremely capable and responsive, Community Engagement Manager, Lucy Kirke.

Working with Careseekers provides our service with active sense of comfort, knowing firstly that they have platforms where we can easily request assistance and peace of mind within the matching process of their support workers to the individual needs and preferences of our clients.

Where would you like to see Habitability in 5 years?

Good question, and one that I haven’t put much thought into, as I’m so busy!
I can say that Habitability we are committed to growing our knowledge base within the STA/respite space and we continue to research the services our competitors offer, in addition to seeking feedback from NDIS participants and their support coordinators and plan managers.

I would like us to continue moving forward, evolving, and learning, so that we continue to upskill in the provision of an innovative and inclusive STA respite model, which offers both value for money and choice and control, coupled with an inclusive, co-working, client experience. Thinking about it, I would also envisage Habitability, being a voice of advocacy for NDIS participants, in reporting the positive benefits that STA/Respite brings - and work to highlight and resolve the potential barriers of access that some participants, may experience.

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