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What Is Personal Care?

All individuals have the right to expect safe, effective and quality delivery of personal and clinical care. Personal care delivered in the home has the aim of allowing individuals to maintain dignity,comfort and overall health when mobility issues make day to day personal tasks difficult to manage. It can be essential to independent living.

What Does Personal Care Involve?

Personal care and services can include:

  • supervising or helping with bathing, showering, personal hygiene and dressing

  • providing personal mobility aids and communication assistance for individuals with impaired hearing, sight or speech

  • nursing services, such as catheter care and wound management

  • services aimed at getting back or improving an individual's independence or daily living activities

  • specialised therapy services, such as support for individuals living with cognitive impairment.

Manual Handling Courses & Personal Care

As there can be a degree of physical work involved in personal care, we recommend a short course in Manual Handling to ensure the risk of injury is minimised.
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