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COVID-19 Tips For The Elderly

How Does It Spread?

The Australian Government Department of Health advises that all Australians are at risk of contracting COVID-19, however people over the age of 60 are at a greater risk of more serious complications. Even if you are feeling well, it is important to take extra precautions and educate yourself on protection measures.

The virus is typically spread in droplets when someone coughs or sneezes.

To become infected, the virus needs to travel from the throat and lungs of the infected person to you.
The virus can infect you if it gets into your nose, eyes, mouth, throat or lungs.
Droplets don't remain suspended in the air for more than a minute or two.

Please be aware that the virus can remain on surfaces for up to 24 hours.

Touching contaminated surfaces and then touching your face can spread the virus to you.

How To Prevent Infection

Stopping Direct Spread

Remain at a distance (about 6ft/2m) from people. You shouldn't get infected if you are walking around or sitting on a bench if you are at least this far away from people.

Stay away from anyone coughing or sneezing, and don't get too close to people talking.

Stay away from crowded areas where you are forced into close spaces with people (e.g. buses, trains, lifts).

Stopping Indirect Spread

Avoid touching surfaces or shaking hands with people.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth if you have touched surfaces that other people may have contaminated.

Wash your hands frequently. Soap and water (for 20 seconds) or hand sanitiser will kill the virus.

If washing hands in a public place, avoid contaminating your hands after by touching surfaces e.g. the bathroom door.

Tips For Staying Safe

Don't go out more than necessary.

Stock up on medications, toiletries and longer life foods.

Consider buying vitamin C, D and B12 supplements as packaged foods can be low in vitamins.

Get things delivered and left at your door to avoid contact.

Avoid using cash, use contactless payment instead.

Do gentle exercise, like walking in areas that are not crowded. This is good for immunity.

Have people to call on for help and advice.

Don't be afraid to ask for help for things that you need.

Have the phone numbers ready for key friends and family members.

What Are The Symptoms Of COVID-19

A continuous cough
A high temperature (shivers or fever)
Flu-like symptoms and feeling too weak to carry about normal activities
Muscle aches

If you have any of these symptoms call 1800 022 222 or your GP.
Call 000 for an ambulance if you are having serious difficulty breathing.

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