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The Range Of Tasks A Care Worker Can Help You With - You May Be Surprised

When you think of a care worker supporting an elderly person at home, what tasks do you see them doing? To many, a care-worker’s duties are limited to functional things like showering, toileting and dressing the older person. But the benefits of a home care worker are more far-reaching than that. Care workers can help with a wide range of things that really make a difference to an older person’s emotional wellbeing. It’s not just their physical maintenance that matters, after all.

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Laura found it very stressful knowing that her 89 year old mother, Raelene, who lives in a different city, was spending days on end alone after her husband passed away. She also worried that Raelene wasn’t eating properly.

Even though mum was OK with things like showering herself, a friend of mine suggested I engage a care worker for an hour or so each afternoon just for a bit of company - maybe take Mum for a walk, prepare some meals for her. It hadn’t occurred to me that a care worker would be available for that sort of thing.

Laura organised her Mum’s government Home Care Package assessment and while they wait for it, has found an affordable independent care worker on Careseekers who’s happy to pop by and provide companionship and some help with meal prep.

We worked out a rate that works for both of us. Once Mum gets her Home Care Package, it’ll be even easier to manage the cost because Careseekers partners with accredited Home Care Package providers. We’re really happy with it all.

If you’re involved with an older person’s care, you likely consider their needs beyond practical requirements (such as showering). One of the many benefits of a support worker who comes to the home is regular social interaction. It alleviates a lot of the loneliness that is so distressing for elderly people.

Careseekers works with thousands of care workers who are ready to provide whatever service you’re after, be it help with daily practicalities, food preparation, or simply a little bit of company. All you need to do is post a job on our platform that states your requirements and wait for suited applicants to get in touch. You can also browse our care-worker profiles and get in touch with anyone you are interested in. We’ve made thousands of successful matches so far and we hope that you’ll be next!

If you’re just beginning the process of organising in-home care, you can get started here and find a Home Care Package that’s right for you.

Looking for home care assistance? Try Careseekers and find thousands of independent care workers online ready to provide home care services.

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