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The 5 most important issues to discuss at Christmas time if you have elderly parents

It’s that time of year again when families get together for some Christmas cheer. Although it should be a time of fun and festivity it is also a wonderful opportunity to make some plans for the year as a family unit, especially if you have elderly parents who are slowly getting less independent and perhaps needing care at home.

We have created a Christmas Discussion Checklist. Feel free to print it out and go through each point. Don’t miss any! They are all there for a reason.

1. Ask your parents what is important to them.

Find out what parts of their life they wish to maintain no matter what as they age. Everyone is different. For some, having the same meals they have always had is an essential, for others it is being able to play cards with their friends or still visit their favourite shopping centre or cinema.

2. Have a discussion around living arrangements

Where are your parents currently living? Do they need to downsize? Are they on one level? If they did move, where would they move? Stay in the same community or is it more important to move closer to a certain son or daughter?

3. Have a discussion around family obligations and duties

Who has capacity to provide care and support in their week? Who can provide support in terms of financial assistance, meals, accomodation, lifts? If there is a gap in what the family can provide and what is needed are they ok with using a care worker?

4. What kind of a care worker would suit your Mum and/or Dad?

When the time comes to get a care worker it would be good to get the family on the same page about the type of care worker that would be right. Do they need to be a specific gender? Speak a specific language? Should they drive? Are there certain qualifications and skills. Discussing this when you are in the same room will avoid too much going back and forth later on.

5. Discuss finances

Who is going to fund the care of your parents? Are they eligible for government funding? Who is going to manage important processes like applying for an ACAT assessment ( to get a home care package) and managing their finances when they can no longer.

These may seem like premature questions especially if you have spritely baby boomer parents who are still enjoying life. However it is worth being prepared just in case circumstances change in the blink of an eye. It is also so wonderful to be able to involve your parents in these conversations and know that the care they receive as they age is in line with what they want.

If you are considering a care worker for your parents now we can help. Search for local care workers or get in touch with our very helpful customer support team. We have helped hundreds of families support their elderly parents stay at home according to their wishes. We can help you too! Visit Careseekers today.

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