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New discoveries in dementia research in 2018

Did you know that over 400,000 Australians have dementia? The disease affects almost 1 in 10 of us aged over 65? Fortunately, there’s some exciting news for those that are suffering, with some interesting discoveries being made by researchers in Australia.

The power of ultrasound

Using a combination of ultrasound and an anti-body drug, researchers at University of Queensland observed a reduction in Alzheimer’s symptoms in mice. Human trials will still need to be conducted to see if the ability of this treatment to reduce the level of the Alzheimer’s protein in mice brains can be translated to humans.
Researchers are hopeful that these treatment techniques may also be applicable to the treatment of MS, Parkinsons and Motor Neuron Disease.

The role of brain iron in Alzheimer’s disease

A collaboration between researchers at Melbourne’s Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health and the CSIRO has shown an association between higher levels of brain iron and the presence of the Alzheimer’s protein, amyloid. Scientists know that the build up of amyloid in the brain indicates that a person will get Alzheimer’s disease. Scientists plan to use an existing drug, Deferiprone, to absorb excess iron in the brain and see if it can slow down the progression of the disease.

This research is unveiling exciting opportunities and providing hope. In the meantime, there is the care and support that needs to be provided to the hundreds and thousands of people suffering with dementia today. Careseekers is here to help and can connect you with affordable and tailored care today. Find a care worker who can provide support to someone with dementia and respite to a carer.

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