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Expert Tips For A Dementia Friendly Holiday Period

The holiday season is a time of celebration and togetherness, but for those living with dementia, it can be a period of confusion and stress. At Careseekers, we understand the importance of making the festive season enjoyable and comfortable for everyone. We have found some expert advice from, the University of New South Wales, and Dementia Australia to help you create a welcoming and dementia-friendly environment this Christmas.

Keeping Things Simple: Keep the environment and activities simple to avoid disorientation. Stick to routines as much as possible and be mindful of emotional triggers.

Keep it Calm: Avoid overwhelming your loved one with too many people, loud music, and multiple activities. Ensure there's a quiet room available for retreat.

Share the Caring: Involve family and friends in caring responsibilities. This could include hosting events or participating in group activities outside the home.

Everyone Needs to Feel Valued: Help your loved one participate in Christmas activities in ways they used to enjoy, whether it’s decorating, writing cards, or setting the table.

Seek Support: Remember, support is available through resources like the National Dementia Helpline for those feeling the impact of dementia during the festive season.

Plan Ahead, But Be Flexible: Early planning with room for adjustments can help manage stress and ensure comfort for your loved one.

Stick to the Familiar: Familiar routines and settings provide comfort and reduce confusion.

Photo Album: A photo album of past Christmases can be a delightful way to engage and reminisce.

Educate Visitors: Inform family and friends about your loved one’s condition and how they can interact in supportive ways.

Dietary Considerations: Maintain regular dietary habits to avoid unnecessary stress.

Flexible Gatherings: Consider smaller, familiar gatherings to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Familiar Music: Gentle, familiar music can provide a soothing backdrop to the festivities.

How to access the National Dementia Helpline
Free call: 1800 100 500
Webchat: dementia.org.au/helpline/webchat
Email: helpline@dementia.org.au
Request a call back: national dementia helpline

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