Match of the month


Mary-Ann’s mother, Mrs Kenna, is living dementia, which is progressing steadily. Mrs Kenna loves her home, routines and her daily visit to the swimming pool. Despite some of the challenges she faces, Mrs Kenna wants to remain at home and her children support this wish. Mary-Ann’s family decided to engage a care worker to live-in. Using Careseekers Concierge Service, the family found the perfect person – Vera!

Vera is an experienced care worker, who was looking for a live-in role. The relationship is a wonderful pairing.

When asked why Mary-Ann chose Careseekers, she said, “this whole situation was very new to us, we little idea how to find someone, but we knew we needed help, and we wanted to use someone we could trust. Marissa was absolutely wonderful. She held our hand through the entire journey, supporting us in what to expect from someone fulfilling a caring role, what to look for, as well as providing logistics information on the employment relationship, such as insurance, contracts and payments. We felt that Careseekers ensured everyone was protected and everyone’s rights were looked after”.

“Ultimately, we chose Vera because she showed empathy and intelligence. She is intuitive to mum’s needs, and came with glowing references. Most importantly, she was warm and mum liked her straight away”.

Vera works 5 nights/week, and the family care for Mrs Kenna on the weekend.

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