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Top Five Things to Consider When Choosing Your Carer!

Placing a carer in your home, or that of a loved one is a big step. Ensuring the individual is trustworthy, of good character and highly experienced is crucial. It is also important to make sure the carer respects the dignity, autonomy, beliefs and culture of the person they are caring for.

We are always talking to families about what is important to them when looking for a carer, in particular how they make the relationship between the person being cared for and the carer work. We thought we’d share some of their tips with you.

  • Look for carer who demonstrates sensitivity to the cultural practices and beliefs of your family member. Select someone who is prepared to build and maintain new and established rituals – the little things make all the difference!
  • Use the carer’s time well – perhaps taking the time to do a load of washing while your loved one has a nap in the afternoon.
  • Confirm what hours are required, and set firm pricing on your hourly rates, overnight charges or any additional expenses. Shifting goal posts can make it hard to budget.
  • Consider how far your carer will have to travel each day. This is particularly important if you’d like the carer to be available for unplanned for events.
  • Try choosing a carer who can speak the same language (even if only a few important words). Language assists with building rapport and trust, in turn providing the family with peace of mind. Language is particularly important in caring for dementia sufferers who may revert to first languages.

Dr Lundin in his recent book, FISH: A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Performance, talks about the importance of the right attitude at work. He has some wise words that can be applied to an in-home care setting, “for staff to really know a person who can’t summarise their life, they need to be truly present and discover things about them through conversation, family and visitors, and by paying attention”.

Our advice is make sure you pick a carer who is willing to do these things!

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