Accessible Sydney: The Lord Mayor’s Determination To Make Sydney Inclusive For All

Sydney is striving to make itself a city easy for everyone, regardless of physical limitations, to access. Its ongoing commitment to promoting inclusion and accessibility means that the beauties and experiences of this fantastic city are increasingly available to those with disability who may have been previously excluded. Just one more reason to love Sydney!

Lord Mayor, Clover Moore, is cementing this drive for inclusive public design in 2019 with a new policy from the City of Sydney that specifically targets the design and maintenance of public spaces for accessibility. Footpaths, street furniture, parks, community gardens, playgrounds, sports fields and markets are being given guidelines that ensure appropriate measures are taken to make them inclusive to all. This includes advice on kerb ramps, accessible facilities (eg toilets) and making playgrounds, picnic settings, markets and all community events fully accessible. You may have noticed one of the most recent improvements to public spaces in this regard - the introduction of tactile and braille street signs.

Careseekers keeps our ears peeled for any developments that positively impact the thousands of support workers and clients in our network – we’re advocates for any change that reduces physical and social barriers for those with disabilities. After all, the whole reason we formed our platform was because we wanted to see an improvement in the lives of those with disability, or elderly people, who need support. We’re delighted that the Lord Mayor is leading a tailored program of engagement that invites input from anyone living with disability, businesses and the wider community. This new policy has been developed in partnership with the Inclusion Advisory Panel, which has a diverse array of members with expertise in urban planning, arts, transport and housing. We really look forward to seeing the changes fully actioned, the proliferation of accessible public facilities, and the benefit that this will bring to so many. Thank you Clover Moore!

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