When Suzann Met Suzanne

When Suzann without an e met Suzanne with an e.

They have the same name and the same star sign so perhaps that is why Suzanne and Suzann make a brilliant Careseekers match. They met on the Careseekers platform 4 years ago when Suzanne applied for a job supporting a woman in her local area. Little did she know how much they had in common and the different ways she would be able to support Suzann and help her live a life on her terms.

Over the years their connection has grown and they have navigated many changes in Suzann’s life, including a big house move which took months and months of decluttering in the lead up.


Suzann says that Suzanne has gotten her through some stressful times but the time spent together going to the beach, cooking, running errands and supporting her to visit her therapist has really helped her over the years.

It is matches like this that make the team at Careseekers so happy.

We are always about the match and when the match works, that's when the magic happens.

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