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Is Self-Managed Home Care Right for You?

At Careseekers we have lots of aged care clients who self manage their home care packages. We have written this blog to help you decide whether or not self managed home care packages are for you.

Self-managing your home care package can offer several benefits compared to having it managed by a provider. Some of the advantages may include:

Increase your control over your aged care funding

Self-managing your home care package gives you greater control over the services you receive and when you receive them. You can choose the specific services and care workers that best meet your needs, and you can adjust the level of care as needed.

Save money

By self-managing your home care package, you can potentially save money by avoiding the administration fees charged by providers.You will still need to use a provider but if you are self managing you will pay a lower admin fee.
The My Aged Care website has a brilliant tool which allows you to research the admin fees a provider will charge.

Trilogy Care

Careseekers is thrilled to partner with the innovative home care package provider Trilogy. We share the same values of choice, control and affordability and believe all older Australians should have control over how care is delivered and when. To enquire about using your funding with them click here.

Choose who delivers your care

When you self-manage your home care package, you can tailor the services to meet your unique needs and preferences. You can choose care workers who understand your specific requirements and can provide care that aligns with your values and goals. You can also negotiate directly with care workers for their hourly rates, which can be more cost-effective than using a provider.


By self-managing your home care package, you have full transparency into how the funding is being used and how much is left in the budget. You can also see how much care workers are being paid and where the money is going.
We work with lots of clients who self manage their home care packages and work with them to find a care worker or team of care workers who can support you or a loved one.

A client named Joan was given a level 4 Home Care Package. She was about to sign with a Home Care Package provider which would charge her an admin cost of 22% of the package and hourly rates of $55 per hour for standard days and much more on the weekend. She decided to look into self management and found a provider that would only charge 15% of the Home Care Package and she used workers from the Careseekers platform whose average hourly rates were $40 per hour. She now receives more hours of care every week.

To find out more about self-managing and finding workers with Careseekers, please click here

To find out more about self managing click here.

COTA also has a great toolkit on self managing which you can download here.

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