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Are You Looking For An Overnight Carer For A Loved One?

Overnight carers can provide a family with some much needed respite or peace of mind through the night. Workers on the Careseekers platform can provide overnight care on a short term and long term basis.

You may need an overnight carer for an elderly loved one who has become restful in the night, awaking many times or you may need a worker for a child or person with a disability who needs constant watching in the night.

An overnight shift will be made up of active and inactive hours. Active hours is when the worker is up and helping the client and inactive is when the client is asleep and allows the worker to rest. On the Careseekers blog we answer some questions you may have about overnight carers.

Do you need to provide a bed for the carer?

During an overnight shift it is expected there will be some time for the carer to rest/sleep so it is essential that there is a comfortable place for them to do that, a bed or a couch. If they are in another room we recommend putting in place a monitor to make sure they hear the client if they wake or stir.

What kind of support can an overnight carer provide?

An overnight carer is there to support the person through the night, watch them if they are awake, take them to the toilet, remind them to take medication. It may be expected that in the early hours of the evening and first thing in the morning they give them a meal, tidy up or get them ready for bed or for the day.

What rates will an overnight carer charge?

All workers on the platform are independent and charge their own rate however, we have a blog which can help you understand what the rates are. If the client is using NDIS funding the price guide may apply.

What are three benefits of choosing overnight care for your loved one?

  1. Using overnight care services can be beneficial in easing feelings of loneliness for both the individual and their regular carer by providing company and support. Feelings of anxiety can be eased just by having an additional person there.

  2. Overnight care services can provide essential respite for carers so that they can enjoy a good night's sleep, recharge by having some much needed rest or perhaps to attend a function or take a holiday. Carers can be assured that their loved one will be well looked after during this time.

  3. Falls and medical episodes during the night can be prevented by using overnight care services where someone is on hand to assist during the night.

Workers on the Careseekers platform can provide overnight care on a short term and long term basis.

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