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How Careseekers Is Different To An Agency

Whether you are a provider looking for extra staff or an individual or family looking to engage care and support workers to work in the home, you may be interested to read how Careseekers is different to an agency.

Agencies for aged care and disability care staff have been around for many decades. Careseekers was set up in 2016 to offer older Australians and people with disabilities another way to connect to workers that was more direct and transparent.

The below table sets up the way Careseekers is different to an agency.


The popularity of the platform Careseekers shows that people are enjoying being in control of their care and support, the worker who delivers services, how much they get paid and how often they support.

To find out about the Careseekers difference and make the move from an agency to a platform please contact us 1300 765 465 or info@careseekers.com.au or start searching for a worker.

To become a care or support worker, please visit www.careseekers.com.au/carer

To find aged care services, please visit www.careseekers.com.au/services/aged-care-workers

To find disability support services, please visit www.careseekers.com.au/services/disability-support-workers

To make a referral, please visit https://www.careseekers.com.au/referrals