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Hidden Fees In Home Care Packages

One of the most frequently asked questions about home care packages is what are all fees? Sometimes providers can charge many different fees and it is important to be aware of them and what they mean. These are some of the most common hidden fees:

Care Management Fees
These fees can be particularly expensive. Care management is sometimes called case management, care coordination or even administration fees.  Sometimes providers charge a monthly care management fee IN ADDITION to charges every time you call your care manager so it is important that you are aware of how this fee is structured.

Set Up Fees
These fees are uncommon but sometimes providers who advertise low fees will also charge you a set up fee. Paying this kind of fee can make it difficult for you to switch providers if you are unhappy - if you have paid a set up fee you will feel invested and won't want to waste money by changing.

Exit Fees
Sometimes providers can charge an exit fee. All providers must clearly state their exit fee so make sure you check your contact carefully - if it is not included, they cannot charge an exit fee.

You can find more information about Home Care Packages by clicking here or watch this video.

You can use your Home Care Package to pay for care on the Careseekers platform.

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