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Goals & Aged Care With Careseekers

Identifying goals in disability support is very much the language of the NDIS. At Careseekers we feel that identifying and pursuing goals also applies to aged care services.

Your goals could include things like:

  • Living indpendently in your own home - a care worker could help you achieve this by doing some jobs around the house for you.

  • Getting out and about and running errands - a care worker could help you achieve this by accompanying you and helping you access the community.

  • Keeping an active social life - a care worker could help you achieve this by providing social support or driving you to activities where you can interact socially with others.

The process of identifying your goals can be incredibly useful in tailoring aged care services for a client centric approach. Setting goals and working towards achieving them with an aged care worker provides you with a voice and the focal point of the support being provided.

So how do you identify what your goals might be?

You can start by asking yourself some questions that are helpful in identifying your goals:

What sort of things might help you with your day to day life?

What could make day to day tasks easier for you?

What tasks do you find difficult or less enjoyable?

Do your family have ideas about what would make day to day life easier for you?

Do you feel lonely or isolated at home?

What time of day do you think you would like some support?

Do you feel confident getting out and about?

Do you feel unsafe with any tasks at home?

Once you have identified what your goals are, a care worker from the Careseekers platform can provide services to help you achieve them.

For example:

Goal: I enjoy gardening but my garden is becoming too much for me. I would like someone to spend some social time with me and help me get my gardening done.

A Careseekers care worker can provide social support and light gardening assistance to help you achieve this goal.

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