Occupational Therapy With My OT Crew

We chat to Sunshine Coast based occupational therapists MOC about the role occupational therapy has in supporting and adding value to the lives of their clients.

Who is My OT Crew?

MOC was birthed from the passion and experience of MOC’s founder, Judy Scott, and her desire to give back to (1) the wider community, (2) the wider profession and, (3) to grow a business that will provide her (and anyone joining her on the journey) with an avenue of rewarding work-life integration.

My OT Crew is allied health service provider that seeks to add value to each human life by providing support that smiles, skills that excel which leads to outstanding outcomes for our clients. We have a highly skilled team with OTs, AHAs and just recently, Physiotherapy.

What geographical  areas do you service?
We have OT and physio services spanning through Brisbane, Moreton Bay and the Sunshine Coast.

So what exactly is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy (OT) is a person centered health profession that helps people build their capacity. This year’s OT week is celebrating the themes of participation, inclusion and independence which sums up OT beautifully! OT’s work with individuals to achieve their goals and bring meaning and purpose to life.

Who can benefit from OT?

OT’s work with anyone who has a physical, social or mental health need. We offer Functional Capacity Assessments, Home Modifications, Neurological Rehabilitation, Sensory Assessments, Skill development, Assistive Technology, Vehicle Modifications and Driving Assessments.

How do you know if you, your family member or a client needs OT?

OT’s offer a wide range of services, if you know someone who needs assistance in daily tasks and in activities they find meaningful, an OT is a great place to start.

Can you give some practical examples of how OT can help a person achieve their goals?

Skill development sessions with our OT’s and AHA’s (Allied Health Assistants) can build on practical life skills to bring meaning and purpose to an individual’s life. This will involve an initial assessment to understand the goals and creation of a plan. Some of our client’s favourite skill development sessions involve cooking, budgeting, community access, building physical strength and training in Assistive Technology (such as using wheelchairs in the community) – all important skills in building capacity and reaching potential!

Our paediatric OT’s love seeing our youngest clients build their social skills and emotional regulation and assist with sensory processing. We have a beautiful children’s therapy room in our brand new clinic at Upper Mt Gravatt that includes a rock climbing wall, swing and many fun therapy toys!

What is a success story you have had with one of your clients?

We recently had a young adult client return to driving after experiencing trauma, they are now able to participate more freely in their daily life and within their community. This was a good news story our team loved to hear!

What is the funding like for OT through the NDIS?

You can engage an OT using your NDIS plan, your support coordinator can also help manage how best to use your funding and maximise your supports.

How do you ensure you get funding for OT in your plan?

If you are starting out with OT, a Functional Capacity Assessment (FCA) is useful in determining sufficient funding for your OT needs. The NDIS then know about the needs in detail and can allocate the correct amount of funding. If you are under the age of 65 and have a disability that affects your ability to participate in every day activities, you may be eligible. Please refer to the NDIS Access Checklist or phone the NDIS directly on 1800 800 110.

What about aged care and OT? Is it helpful? Is there government funding for it?

Yes aged care and OT are a great fit for many needs such as Assistive Technology (equipment such as walkers, wheelchairs and different aids to assist in daily life) and home modifications. You can receive OT funding through DVA, HCP & CHSP, your HCP/CHSP coordinator will be able to help you navigate your budget.

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