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Keeping Well At Home

The challenges faced by older Australians during COVID-19 are complex and many of the measures designed to keep us all safe are having a disproportionate effect on these members of the community. Social isolation due either to recent lockdowns in Victoria or because people are staying home to stay well is causing many to endure difficult circumstances and loneliness.

So it is vital that measures are taken to ensure mental and physical health is at an optimum level during this time.

Some helpful hints to keeping well at home include:

The Importance Of Nutrition

  • Enjoy your food! Why not try some new things or return to old favourites.
  • Make sure you have plenty of variety in your diet to ensure you are getting all the nutrients you need.
  • Keep your kitchen cupboard and freezer well stocked.
  • Make meal preparation easy.
  • Stay well hydrated.
  • If you drink alcohol it is recommended you try to have several alcohol free days and to not drink to excess.
  • If you have a poor appetitie, try eating small amounts often.

Mental Health Awareness

  • Stay in touch with friends, family, neighbours, clubs and your community by phone.
  • Ask for help with shopping and errands.
  • Try to focus on things within your control.
  • Limit how much negative news you watch or listen to and always use trusted sources.
  • Take time to chat about how you are feeling.
  • Keep busy by making a 'to do list' every day.
  • Take time to notice things that bring you happiness and share this with others.
  • Continue to access treatment, support or care for health conditions.

Physical Excercise

  • Try to move more throughout your day.
  • Get some fres air either on a walk, in the garden or even through an open window.
  • Break up long periods of inactivity with good amounts of movement.
  • Try seated or standing exercises and make them a part of your routine around your home.

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