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What is an Enabling Approach?

Care and support workers are encouraged to provide support using the enabling approach. So what is it and how does it affect the way care and support should be delivered.

Also described as a new way of restoring and supporting the independence of older people, the enabling approach is goal oriented, aiming to build on strengths and goals, with the objective of fostering greater independence and, where possible, less reliance on services.

Some examples of providing care with a focus on an enabling approach include:

  • A personalised, targeted exercise plan
  • Easy living equipment (eg a shower chair, cutlery with large grips, pick-up stick, signs, screen readers, etc)
  • Volunteer programs
  • Social engagement activities
  • Creative engagement (eg art classes, cooking classes, music therapy, etc)
  • Self care skills (eg cooking for recently widowed men who may have never cooked before)

Some of the benefits of an enabling approach include:

  • Improving function and quality of life
  • Facilitating integration between older people and their communities
  • A renewed confidence for people in their day to day life

A plan is needed to undertake the process

A goal setting and planning process is used to assist older people to identify what they are currently unable to do and what concerns they may have. The identified issues are then ranked by the person in terms of importance to them. Clients select their long-term goals (appropriate to the expected length of the enablement program), and staff and family members (where relevant) then support the client to
set intermediate goals that will assist them to achieve their long-term goals.

Do you have a current client that you can set some goals with? Do you set goals with new clients either formally or informally? Consider incorporating it into the way you deliver your services. Contact the Careseekers team for additional resources and help.

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