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Telehealth Could Be Here To Stay

Digital health services have come to the fore during COVID-19. What has been used in rural and remote communities for years, telehealth has been adopted by the wider community during COVID-19 to help stop the spread of the virus.

With the aim to protect both health workers and patients by removing face to face interaction, the number of telehealth consultations has rapidly grown over the past few months.

An additional 28 telehealth items for specialists and allied health professions has been added to the Medicare Benefits Schedule, please click here to view.

To make the most out of your experience during a telehealth consulation, we have compiled the following tips:

  • Double check you are comfortable with accessing your telehealth appointment the day before. You can always ask for a test run to ensure you are ready.

  • Make notes of any questions you would like to ask prior to your appointment. Write them down and have them ready for the appointment.

  • Be organised and log in to your appointment a few minutes early.

  • If you would like a carer or family member to sit in on the call, make sure you request access for them.

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