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Self contributing superannuation as an independent care or support worker

As care and support workers we know you think a lot about others and their well being. It's also important you think about your own. Saving some money for your retirement may not be on your radar now, but it can make all the difference to your future!

A little bit of background information...

What is super?

Superannuation (super) is a government initiative to help you save for your retirement. Your employer makes contributions, and you can also make contributions. Your superfund then invests your Super money on your behalf.

Why is super so important?

Super can help you be more comfortable in retirement, by helping you save extra money to supplement the government pension, which is a maximum, per fortnight of:

  • $843.60 for singles
  • $1,271.80 for couples

Women and super

Women retire with 47% less super than men. There are many reasons for this gap.
Women are often paid less for the same roles, spend longer out of the workforce and are more likely to undertake unpaid work, like raising children and caring for relatives.

We have started to partner with some Superannuation Funds who allow self contributions to make it easier for the care and support workers on the Careseekers Platform to grow their superannuation funds.

The first one we would like to introduce you to is FairVine Super. FairVine Super understands the retirement system is unfair for women, and have developed a range of tools and fair policies to help women build their super balances.

What's so great about FairVine Super?

FairVine Super is an ethical super fund who's mission is to make superannuation fairer.

Shop and grow you super

Not only that they have an amazing membership offering where you can shop for nearly 400 brands through their shopping portal and receive up to 20% cashback into your super account. Brands include Cotton On, Nike, Best & Less.


FairVine RoundUps is an automated saving tool that rounds up your bank transactions to the nearest dollar, and contributes the difference straight into your super.


Their FairGig tool has been designed with the growing gig economy in mind. While employers take care of redirecting super for their employees, as you know for contract work, the onus falls on the individual to self contribute. It takes minutes for the individual contractor to set up, gives them the power to set the percentage of their income they want diverted to their super and can be turned on and off at any time.

Is there an offer for the Careseekers Community?

There sure is! They are currently offering all Careseekers care and support workers 50% off fees for the remainder of 2020. Use code FVR2020 when you switch your super at fairvine.com.au

Balanced option
0.95% of your balance per year + $2 a week

Growth option
0.969% of your balance per year + $2 a week

  • FairVine Super's calculations are performed using the Moneysmart compound interest calculator www.moneysmart.gov.au. There is no guarantee FairVine will achieve the assumed growth rate or the projected balances will be achieved. The calculations are not intended to be relied upon for making financial product decisions. We advise you to seek a professional financial advisor to consider if FairVine is appropriate for you. Results are shown in today's dollars without adjusting for inflation.

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