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Behaviour Support Plans & Careseekers

What is a Behaviour Support Plan?

A Behaviour Support Plan or BSP is a document prepared in consultation with a person living with a disability, their family, carers and other support people that addresses the needs of the person identified as having complex behaviours of concern. The BSP contains evidence-informed strategies and seeks to improve the person's quality of life.

Who can develop a Behaviour Support Plan?

A BSP can only be developed by practitioners who are considered suitable by the Commissioner to undertake functional behaviour assessments and develop Behaviour Support Plans. They will be considered suitable pending assessment against the Postive Behaviour Capability Framework. Behaviour support practitioners (whether a sole provider or employed by a provider) must be registered with the NDIS to provide specialist behaviour support (Registration group 110)

Behaviour Support Plans & Careseekers

Did you know Careseekers is the only online platform that is both a Registered NDIS Provider and allows for workers to set their own hourly rates? (they are engaged as independent contractors). Under the NDIS Commission it is a requirement to utilise a Registered Provider when the Behaviour Support Plan includes the use of Restrictive Practices. The nature of our platform and Commission requirements puts us in a unique position to assist participants and their families with such Behaviour Support Plans in place. We can assist those who have already curated teams of support workers that work best for them by on-boarding their workers, or those who are needing to find workers to support them. To find out how Careseekers can support your participants as the Implementing Provider - please call 0431 163 669 or email partnerships@careseekers.com.au

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