Acquired Disability

Adjusting To Life With Support Needs

An acquired disability often means adjusting to a completely different lifestyle and for many people, this can be extremely difficult. Whilst you can’t change what has happened, in time you can reframe the way you view and cope with your disability. What’s important to remember is that you are still in control of your life.

There are many ways to maintain control, beginning with selecting your own support worker/s and support schedule. Gone are the days when you had to just accept the worker and timeslots an agency assigned to you. Gone too are the days of hugely expensive private care. Platforms like Careseekers (link www.careseekers.com.au) have revolutionised the provision of in-home support, with a flexible, affordable service for anyone seeking care. Choosing your support worker also means that you can select someone you feel is right for you – after all, a personality match is as key to a successful support arrangement as qualifications!

Tips for finding a good match on Careseekers – things to ask your potential support worker

Another challenge is learning to accept that you require support. We understand that the transition from full independence to needing support from others to go about your normal daily life, is tough. But if you refuse to accept the reality of your limitations, you will remain ‘stuck’. Making the changes necessary to negotiate your new world will allow you to move forward and set your sights on new goals. Don’t dwell on what you can no longer do. Instead, focus on what’s possible and seek out any adaptive technology or tools that can help you. Accept the help from others that is available. Family, friends, informal carers and support workers can all play a huge part in creating a new, fulfilling and productive life. Don’t let your disability stop you from keeping socially engaged. Interaction will do wonders for your outlook and mood. Even a few hours a week with a support worker who simply provides companionship, can really lift you, if your loved ones are unavailable.

We know that getting used to living with a disability can be extremely challenging and that you will experience a rollercoaster of emotion as your journey unfolds.

Our support workers are experienced in providing support for a wide range of disabilities and understand the difficulties you may face and the feelings you may have. Connect with one of our wonderful independent workers today and see how they can help you to embrace your life with disability.

Careseekers connects you directly to thousands of independent support workers who set their own rates, don’t add the costs of expensive agency fees, and can arrange times that suit you. We are a proud NDIS provider, which means that your funding can be used to pay for any workers engaged through our site.

To become a care or support worker, please visit www.careseekers.com.au/carer

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To find disability support services, please visit https://www.careseekers.com.au/services/disability-support-workers