Businesses Need To Be Accessible Online Too

Businesses now face guidelines when it comes to the accessibility of their online presence to people with disability - but many companies are still frustratingly non-compliant. At Careseekers, we are passionate about creating an inclusive society - website accessibility for those with a disability is an ongoing concern of ours.

People with disability often use assistive/adaptive technology to operate smartphones, laptops and tablets. To enable a successful experience, a business website should;

  • Add Alternative Text (‘alt-txt’) to images. This gives users access to the imagery because their screen reading software will read a description of the picture. An image can contribute to the overall message of a page, so knowing it’s there and what it depicts, is important.
  • Make any hyperlinks at least two words long. It can be difficult for a user with mobility issues, or who’s using assistive technology, to hover and click over a small link, so make them long and visible.

If you have a business you’d like to make more accessible online, or would like to advise a business you know of how to do so, visit the Centre For Accessibility website. It provides a website accessibility checklist as well as other tips and advice on how to improve your business’s online accessibility.

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