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We want transparency in aged care - the push for online reviews on all aged care facility websites

Wouldn’t you like to hear from real people, with real experience of the aged care home you’re considering, when choosing a facility for your loved one? You probably read reviews online that inform your decisions about hotels, restaurants and holiday destinations - why don’t we have easy access to the same information about somewhere our beloved elderly people will be living?

Placing an older person into a full-time living facility can be quite an adjustment. You’re likely concerned about how happy and comfortable they’ll be. So it should be music to your ears that advocates for older Australians are pushing providers to allow uncensored first-hand reviews and comments from consumers on their websites.

According to our federal government commission into aged care, 1,633 complaints about residential care were registered between January and March 2019. These were regarding medication management, fall prevention and the supply of adequate personnel. There were also 537 complaints received in 2018-19 about abuse and neglect, chemical restraint and physical restraint. As the final report from the first royal commission into aged care looms, named operators have been publicly exposed. In addition, reports on specific homes have been made available via a search function on the Aged Care Quality & Safety Commission. But aged care advocacy organisations say that this is not enough. They insist that far greater transparency overall is needed in aged care and that every operator’s performance should be there in plain sight for anyone considering their facility.

With many people resorting to placing hidden cameras in their loved one’s rooms to check on staff behaviour, the need for proper insight into the aged care facilities we’re trusting to look after our older relatives is obvious. We should all be able to avoid poor care homes. Our biggest hope though, is that with the knowledge that any poor treatment or services will be exposed, residential care homes will be able to eliminate abuse, neglect and short-staffing altogether.

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