Careseekers - the platform of choice for self-managed NDIS participants

As a self-managed NDIS participant you probably value choice, flexibility and control when it comes to managing your NDIS plan.

If you are looking for a platform that offers choice, flexibility and control when it comes to choosing and managing a support worker or a team of support workers, look no further than Careseekers.

Careseekers makes it easy to find, manage and pay support workers online and has been custom built for NDIS self managed participants. Follow these 5 steps to create a team of support workers ready to go!

Step 1

Choose your own team of support workers through Careseekers.

A “great support worker” means something different to everyone. It may be someone who….

“is local”


“has hoist experience”

“likes movies”

“Speaks Auslan”

Speaks Russian”

Careseekers is a diverse support worker community, operating across Australia. You can search for workers; post your job and invite potential support workers to apply for your job or message them directly.

Step 2

Award support worker/s your job and create an online service agreement

Once you have found a support worker/s to engage you can fill in the online service agreement and award them your job. The service agreement allows you to state important information about the role including the rates, types of support, emergency contacts. You can also download the service agreement as needed. The service agreement on Careseekers is based on the NDIS service agreement template.

Step 3

Approve and pay invoices through the easy to use payment dashboard

When a support worker submits their invoice, you will be sent an email notification letting you know that you have an invoice to approve and pay (using your NDIS funds). Invoices remain on your dashboard giving you a record of all the support worker payments you have made.

Step 4

Create a payment schedule that suits you!

You have the control to make the payments when it suits you and your support workers, you can request that workers submit the invoices daily, weekly or fortnightly.

Step 5

Find back up workers or urgent requests through our friendly customer support team

Careseekers is more than just a platform. Our customer support team is here to support participants create a team of support workers or can help in the case of urgent or unusual requests. Please get in touch with our team and you will be amazed by our ability to help you find the perfect support worker match – no matter what the requirement.
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