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CareTech Conversations with Danny from Sameview

Today on the #CareTech blog we chat to Danny Hui - founder of Sameview.

CS: Tell us about Sameview

Danny: Same view is a digital platform that I built to tackle the issue coordination of care. The aim is to digiatlly connect circles of support, doctors, therapists, support workers, educators, family and friends, everyone on their team, so they can all be on the same page

We want these people to not only be on the same page but to work together as a team.

CS: How did you come up with the idea?

The idea came from our situation. Our youngest son who is now 6 was born with a rare neurological condition, at the time I worked in emergency situations where coordinating people across many teams was essential and I struggled that in personal life, I couldn’t get the same coordination of support.

I remember how hard it was to communicate with others – every message had to come in and out of you and you had to tell the one message to different people. This was obviously tiring and draining.
Also sometimes the intervention would take longer or be less effective as doctors, allied health professionals or carers would be working in a silo and not talking to other.

CS: Can you tell us about the technology behind Sameview?

We are a website and an app.

Families or providers can login and they can see everyones goals, the goals can be anything that is important to the families. It's not like the NDIS where it is speficic to the participant, for a family a goal is bigger than that and can be things like going on holidays or having a night off.

On the app they can invite people into their network and families share events and moments ( a bit like social media) and that is an engaging and rewarding way to show what is happening and tracking progress towards the days and steps.
It is not enough to just have lots of to do lists, much nicer to share a real picture of what is going on at home.

CS: Is it a good way to share information about medications?

Families can put up profiles and that can include medications, routines, home arrangements but in terms of information shared, what people have asked for is more practical info. E.g. what are the exercises, how do I do a transfer? What are the things that a person likes to eat?

Sharing medical information is actually not what families have asked for.

CS: Who is using Sameview. Who are your users?

We definitely have a cohort of users with young children with complex care needs or a rare condition and their teams are bigger because of the complexity.
We are really focussed on supporting people with complex needs.
Other users are people who have multiple support workers ( e.g. 24/7 workers) who are doing it in shfts. They are using SameView as a way to handover from one person to the next.
On the professional side many clinicians are mobile therapists who put clients on as a way to find an efficient way to be across a clients life.

CS: Where are you at with the product?

We have spent the first year working on different prototypes with different families and now we have launched the first version in the market. The product is now live and ready to use. We find that half of the demand comes from families asking their support teams to start using it and the other half are providers etc. letting families know about it.

CS: Whats next in tech?

People use the platform to make the most of the support eco system, particularly the NDIS. There is so much choice around providers and they are keen to use the money to find the best support and be able to use the eco system effectively.

We are also working with the provider side and looking at things that can support them, helping the review process and to provide family centred care as effectively as possible.

We really want to help people make the most of the NDIS system. Make the most of their budgets.

We want to show that we are making people’s money go further in the NDIS and that
better team work gets better results.

To download the app or start using the platform visit https://www.sameview.com.au/