Stop you mean I can choose my own support worker using NDIS funding?


The most exciting aspect of the NDIS is the ability to choose your own support worker to deliver your support when you want it.

If you don’t have NDIS funding but use support workers for yourself or a family member the first step is to work out if you are eligible for NDIS funding.

Why choosing your own support worker is a good idea.

Personality match

You can connect to somebody who you get on with, has the same sense of humour or likes doing similar activities to you.


Late night owl? Early riser? Only need an hour of support? This is all possible when you connect to a support worker that you choose from the Careseekers platform.


Find a support worker in your area and you can call on them for last minute support needs – yes that’s right you connect to them directly with no middle person complicating the process.

Am I eligible for NDIS funding?

First, check that the NDIS is available in your area.

To be eligible for the NDIS an individual must:
• be under 65 years of age
• be an Australian citizen, permanent visa holder or hold a protected special category visa and
• meet the disability or early need requirements. For more information on the NDIS eligibility requirements click here.

The NDIS is not means tested and does not impact income support such as the Disability Support Pension and Carers Allowance. Even if you do not currently receive Government funded disability support you may be eligible for the NDIS.

The NDIA, which is the national agency running the NDIS, will determine if you are eligible for the NIDS.

If you do have NDIS funding, you may be able to choose your own support worker.

Can I use my NDIS funding with support workers I choose from Careseekers?

Yes you can!

If you are self or plan managed you will be able to access care and support workers from Careseekers. This means you will be able to get ndis support worker funding and can:

• choose the right care worker for you
• get care and support at the exact times you want it
• arrange your support worker from the comfort of your own home
• watch your funding go further as you connect to affordable care and support workers
• directly employ your support workers (self managed only)
To find your own support worker visit or start searching here.

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