The budget… and Careseekers


The Careseekers Team was very excited with the budget announcement last night that there will be 14,000 new high level Home Care Packages (HCPs).

Because every day we work with families who are either on HCP waiting lists or are receiving a lower level home care package while they wait for a higher level package to become available.

HCPs are used by older Australians to access personal care, domestic duties, social companionship and much more.

These packages allow older Australians to age at home – which is something that over 90% of Australians are hoping to do.

You can use your HCP to access care and support through Careseekers. Here is a quick reminder on why Careseekers may be the right way for you, or your family member, to use your HCP:

1. You choose the worker

They will be the person who delivers the care and support everytime. This makes care consistent and allows for a good relationship to develop between the worker and care recipient.

2. Care is more affordable so your HCP will go further

Every dollar counts because every hour counts! Careseekers is a digital platform directly connecting individuals and families to care and support workers. As you have a direct connection with the worker hourly rates are lower and being an online platform we don’t have the overheads of a traditional bricks and mortar business.

3. Care is on your terms

You state exactly when you want a worker and that is when care and support will be provided – workers fit in with your schedule, not the other way around.

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