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When you invite a live-in care worker into a home, they’ll assist you with a lot of things…

However, after they move in, they can also help you move out a lot of personal stuff. So, while you consider the benefits of bringing in a live-in care worker, here are a few things, worrying things, they can help you remove at the same time.

Toss out nightly what-ifs.

What if something goes wrong in the wee hours of the night? Perhaps you’ve fretted about nocturnal scenarios, where your loved one is suddenly struck with a medical emergency at a time when there is no-one present to help?

There’s also the concern that every night the family member goes to bed, they may themselves be worrying about the same issue. Fortunately, a live-in carer is there for any major issues, while also putting any little worries to bed simply because of their presence.

Chuck out endless boredom as well.

Aside from the comfort a live-in care worker provides to the person they are looking after, they also bring life. They are not just there to be a superhero and save the day if any emergency arises, they’re also sharing small stories, listening, laughing, nodding in approval and resonating with life experiences.

A live-in care worker’s prime role is to support the day-to-day needs of your dear one. One of the lesser-known factors of that experience is warming the room for their client with good companionship, without the emotional disconnect of leaving after only a few hours.

Say good-bye to having to remember who’s who?

Imagine just how comfy it would be not having to remember who is doing the caring today, and wondering if your family member is getting along with each care worker? It is so much easier for you and your family to get to know one person, and their personality, than a series of people that work in shifts.

Once live-in care workers are established and bonded into the role, it’s like having a family member that can deliver easier communication in a team-like manner — as opposed to many players running around.

Traffic monitoring duties are also in the bin.

Have you seen how bad the traffic was this morning? No doubt there were plenty of people late for work… again. The same frustrating traffic that delays care workers from turning up on time to help their clients start the day.

For a lot of cared ones, getting up and going sets the mood for the rest of the day, and their enthusiasm for enjoying it. The availability of a live-in care worker removes all that anticipation about starting things on the right foot, and makes sure there are no traffic jams on the way out of the bedroom.

Chase panic right out the door.

Ok. You get the dreaded call. There’s been a problem. Was the care worker there when it happened? If not, how long ago did it occur? Was the incident in between care worker shifts? How well do you know this particular care worker and how did they handle things? Do they know your family member well enough to know how to respond?

As live-in care workers spend long periods of quality time in their role, they get to know whether they are looking after an easy-going person, a hypochondriac, or a ‘Churchillian’ warrior who can take all manner of pain and injury without showing it… but really should.

Finally, take James Bond on a date… to the tip.

The whole world strives for information. Governments seek it. Businesses want it. Gossip magazines love it. And you desperately need to be kept informed about the condition of your loved one. However, those little nuggets of informative gold — so valuable you almost have to spy to get it — can be tricky to unearth, with doctors, nurses and short-term visitors all saying: “Same, same, same.”

Therefore, and here’s the beauty of a live-in care worker — they notice. Whether it’s making tea, going for walks, chatting in the park, or tucking your family member into bed, their eyes and ears are open to any change. Be it the mind or body of your family member, any changes are more identifiable with constant observation over days and weeks. Not shifts.

So, while providing a reduced need on your part to fret, panic or even spy, a live-in care worker may not tidy up the whole planet, but they can certainly save you a world of worry!

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