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5 reasons why a live-in carer may be a great option for you or your loved one

A live-in care worker can be a great option for an older person or couple that is living on their own. Particularly in the following situations:

The older person is living in a big house or has an extra room

Many older Australians are living in large family homes with plenty of room to spare. A live- in care worker will require their own bedroom and preferably their own bathroom. If you have the room to accommodate someone in this manner you will find the live-in care worker is a help when they are needed and will have their own space to relax in when they aren’t.

Only a little bit of care is required

The most common times for older people to require care is in the morning when they need help getting up and about and at night when they need help getting themselves ready for bed. It can be quite tricky finding someone who will only come for these short morning and evening shifts. Care workers may end up coming later in the morning which may not suit an early riser, or too early in the evening which may not suit a late owl They may also charge a higher hourly rate and therefore you aren’t getting a huge amount of value for the service being delivered. You also eliminate the possibility of a care worker not showing up due to transport issues.

OR alternatively

A lot of care is required

If someone needs to be attended to throughout the day and evening you will find that having a live-in care worker ends up being a much more affordable option than paying care workers by the hour.

The person thrives in their own environment

If an older person has a set routine, friends nearby and a community that they belong to it really is in their best interests to work out a way to keep them at home. Although they may resist the idea of a live-in care worker, the idea of leaving their own home might be an even worse future. It is important to listen to their fears and concerns about losing their independence and getting a live-in care worker but at the same time show them that you are actually respecting their independence by helping them to stay in their own home for as long as possible.

There is no family near by

Some people are lucky to have wonderful neighbours and friends in the absence of family living close by, however some older people aren’t that lucky. The right live-in care worker can fast become part of the family and a huge support to family members living far away.

You are an anxious family member

Do you worry every time your mum or dad don’t answer the phone? Have you been known to drive to your loved ones house in a panic only to find them happily sitting at the neighbours having a cup of tea? If knowing that there is someone always checking on your family member reduces your stress and anxiety then that is a very good reason to get a live- in care worker.

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