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5 Signs a loved one is receiving high quality care in the home

Do you feel anxious leaving your loved on in the care of someone you have just met? Is it made worse by the fact that your loved one doesn’t have the verbal skills to let you know how they feel about the person delivering care?

Here are some signs which can give you some insight that the care being delivered is of the highest quality and that your loved one is happy.

The care worker is open and communicative about all aspects of the day

Is your care worker providing you with feedback at the end of each shift? A care worker should be honest and open about how the day went, the good and the bad. They need to be telling you if anything went wrong, if your loved one was upset or agitated about something. They key is communication and lots of it. It is not enough information to hear a day was “good” every single time. If they don’t offer the feedback you need to ask it.

The care worker arrives on time and doesn’t mind staying late

A care worker who is punctual and flexible shows they are someone who cares about the well-being of the person they are caring for. It also means they are enjoying the work and therefore delivering high quality care. Be wary of care workers who are constantly arriving late and refuse to stay a minute after their shift is meant to end. Care work is more than just a job.

Routines are being adhered to

Is the correct food given at the correct mealtimes? Are all aspects of personal care given attention? If a care worker keeps missing key parts of a daily routine may be a sign that the care worker is not delivering high quality care.

Care recipient is happy in the presence of the care worker

This is obviously one of the biggest signs that the care worker is doing a good job. It is important that you observe the care worker in action and it’s always good to do an impromptu drop by occasionally.

The care worker is open to feedback from you

A care worker who is overly defensive about their work and not open to suggestions is putting their ego ahead of the wellbeing of the care recipient. You also need to listen to their views and suggestions as they are spending a lot of time with your loved one but it is important that they work in collaboration with the family.

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